There are many rides, but only one is America’s bicycle touring classic – The Tour of the Scioto River Valley, better known by its acronym, TOSRV.

Say TOSRV to bicycle riders around the nation, and they’ll know you mean this event, which began as a father-and-son outing in 1962 before quickly growing into the nation’s largest bicycle touring weekend. In fact, TOSRV single handedly raised the profile of the bicycle in American life and was the inspiration for many of the mass-participation cycling events so popular today across the country. TOSRV riders have come from across the country, and have ranged in age from one to 81.

We’ve begun collecting some interesting historical tidbits from the TOSRV archives, and for the first time ever, making it available online! So far, we’ve got posters and patches from many of the past tours, as well as some ride statistics. We’ve arranged this information by decade for faster browsing.

To access the TOSRV Archives, select a decade from below.