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Announcing the TOSRV56 Route

The Route for TOSRV56 is set!

Of all the changes to this annual event, THE most anticipated one is the route itself.  Where will it start?  Is it new?  How new?  Will it take us down 104?  How true to the traditional route will it be?  Will riders still be able to count off four ride segments to plan their ride?

Well, wait no more.  Although we are still claiming the route to be conditional we’re confident what we’ve developed will be ready for the event. (of course barring any road closures, construction, etc.)
The new start location is Heimat Haus on Jackson Pike (SR 104) in Grove City.  This presents the opportunity to do some new things with the route, but don’t worry, for those of you who are TOSRV purists, we have kept many aspects of the classic route.  Our hope is that you will enjoy the blend of your favorite sections from prior years along with some of the innovations new for TOSRV56.

Due to safety concerns we will stay off State Route 104 coming out of Grove City but will be staying on some scenic southern Franklin County roads for the first few miles via Borror Road through Commercial Point.  From there, we continue south to Ted Lewis Park in Circleville.  After this first food stop, the Circleville to Chillicothe route remains unchanged.

After lunch at Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe, the route for Waverly rolls along the “substitute” route from last year – Charleston Pike and Old US Route 35 along the east bank of the Scioto.  Because many riders from the 2016 ride enjoyed the change (which last year was due to construction on Three Locks Road) we kept keep it in place for Saturday this year.  Higby Road takes riders to the final rest stop at Waverly.

State Route 104 around Lake White remains closed as ODOT completes repairs to the levee and roadway, so we will again circle around the back of the lake before rejoining 104.  The remainder miles into Portsmouth follow the traditional route to the party at Tracy Park.

Sunday’s route is largely the same with one exception.  Riders will retrace their route from Portsmouth to Waverly, however on Sunday it’s back to the classic route – make the turn onto Three Locks Road and stay on the west back of the river this time. Those who missed those rollers on this stretch – they’re back!

The rest of the ride back to Grove City is largely the same, with a small change at the finish to avoid making a left turn onto 104 just before arriving home.

After 210 miles in the saddle over two days, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will be part of the rewarding celebration, along with an opportunity to catch up with friends and swap stories from the weekend!

Scroll down to see the map options.  Or, click here for the first half and here for the second half  and download a printable PDF of turn by turn directions. (please note these file are large in size.)


  • Two Days
  • 105 miles per day
  • Grove City-to-Portsmouth and return to Grove City

The tour will start and stop at Heimat Haus on the east side of Grove City. Since the TOSRV route runs along the Scioto River Valley between Grove City and Portsmouth, our Saturday overnight location, it avoids the large hills of southern Ohio.

The first 50 miles south of Grove City include some slight grades, and continues south of the Chillicothe Lunch Stop from mile 50 to mile 65. The remaining miles to Portsmouth are relatively flat for a total of 105 miles (169 kilometers) for the day. The Full Tour returns to Grove City on Sunday largely retracing the previous day’s route.  However, we have saved the Three Locks rolling hills for the return route on Sunday.

This option includes the Saturday Portsmouth Welcome Party in Tracy Park, featuring:  live music, food / drink, and a chance to catch up with old friends.  Additionally, there are stocked rest stops in Circleville, Waverly and a lunch stop in Chillicothe.


  • Two Days
  • 53 miles per day
  • Chillicothe to Portsmouth and return to Chillicothe

Half TOSRV starts in Chillicothe at the Bolmer Shelter in Yoctangee Park, goes to Portsmouth for the Saturday overnight and returns to Chillicothe on Sunday. Half TOSRV riders may pick up their registration packets at either Friday Registration at the Heimat Haus. There is no Day Before Ride Registration on Saturday. Half TOSRV riders may visit the Full Tour Lunch Stop in Yoctangee Park before setting out for Portsmouth.

Transportation between Grove City and Chillicothe is the responsibility of the Half TOSRV participant. Parking will be available in Chillicothe in a designated area for cars left there overnight.

This option includes the Saturday Portsmouth welcome party, the party in Tracy Park and a fully stocked rest stop in Waverly.

One day TOSRV

  • Saturday Only
  • 100 miles
  • Grove City to Chillicothe to Grove City

Experience all the excitement of the Saturday morning start with all the riders on the tour leaving from Heimat Haus in Grove City. You will ride with Full TOSRV riders to the food stop at Ted Lewis Park and the lunch stop in Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe.

After filling up on lunch you will return to Heimat Haus on the same route you rode down in the morning.