This year is no different!


If you are interested in being one of those who help keep it running, some of the things we need help with are:
  • Route Marking
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Food Stops
  • Packet Stuffing
  • Registration/Packet Pick-up
  • Luggage Truck Driving
  • Parking Direction
  • Certificate Hand-out/Check In
  • Information
  • All Sorts of Other Stuff
Additionally, we are in need of help for the following:
  • Communications (answering questions from riders and vendors)
  • Vendor Expo
  • Wifi Set-up at Heimat House – ordering, testing remote wifi devices and networking
  • Lodging
  • Luggage Truck Rentals
  • Medical Team Coordination (tracking down/ordering supplies, securing lodging, liaison with medical team lead)
Please fill out the volunteer contact form to the right with your information and check all the things you would be willing to help with so we can get you where you want to be.
If you are riding in addition to volunteering, or even just riding, remember to thank all those who are there to make your ride a great experience.



Sure, I’d love to help!

Route MarkingMerchandise SalesFood StopsPacket StuffingRegistration/Packet Pick-upLuggage Truck DrivingParking DirectionCertificate Hand-out/Check InInformationAll Sorts of Other Stuff